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172nd Trans Det - History

Early History by Bill Allen

I'm Bill Allen. I arrived in country the end of March 1965, a Private E-Slick Sleeve (E-2 type) fresh out of Transportation School at Ft. Eustis, assigned to the 172d Transportation Detachment (Movement Control).  I spent a month in the Transportation Office at Camp USARTHAI, working for LTC Pretty (the 9th Logistical Command Transportation Officer, actually he was in HHC but "officially" the 172d staffed the Trans Office.  Colonel Walter J. Woolwine was the 9th Logistical Commander at the time.
The first of May 65, I went TDY to Bangkok with SFC (E-6, yes there were still some in the system then) Roscoe Allison and another PV2 (David Daniels) who was in my class at Ft. Eustis.  We were part of a team which was to learn Port Operations "In the event JUSMAG ever turned over the Port Operations to the Army", which they did.  It cost me some money too, at first we were on TDY with $9.00 per diem then we got change of Duty Station orders which cut us to $3.57 per day COLA.  SFC Allison and I stayed at the port but Daniels was detailed to the Tri Service ATCO at Don Maung Air Base.
The 172d Detachment Commander was Major Conley, the Klong Toi Port Commander was Major James Burkert, Deputy Port Commander was Captain David Randolph, and we also had a Captain Quinlan who was OJT for Port Commander with a transfer to the Port of Sattahip when its construction was completed.
Dave Daniels and I both made SP4 in May of 1966 and left Bangkok on 30 June.  He went RA all the way for 20, retiring as a Master Sergeant.  I opted to go back to college and after a while, I missed the army so went Reserve Component (sometimes USAR and other times NG depending on the type unit and what slot was open).  During Desert Storm when I got Activated for a transportation slot in the Guard, I ran into Daniels again but he was now retired and working strictly as a Guard Civilian Technician in the HQ Transportation Office.  After Desert Storm, I retired as an SFC with 27 years combined between RA, USAR, and ARNG, moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and am now a civilian working for the Navy Exchange.  Once I was waiting on a customer who looked familiar and found that it was CPT Quinlan, now a retired Lt Col.
Again, Thanks for having the web site. The only correction I can see needed is you show it as the 172d Transportation Company, not Detachment (it may have been upgraded to Company after I rotated out) and its designated function was Movement Control.
Bill Allen,

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