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HHC 501st Field Depot - Stories

501st Field Depot - Command Sergeant Major - 67-68


Thanks for the info on the 501st. I joined them in Jan of 67 in Granite City Ill across the river from St Louis. The CSM program was new at the time and there were three SGM in the field depot. The Commander Col Dayton sent for my records, as well as the other two. I was the Recruiting main station NCO in Seattle at the time and was levied in MOS 768.90. I had not worked in that MOS in more than 10 yrs since my two tours with the 1st Inf Div 1948-1954. I was selected as the 1st CSM of the 501st. Had that not happened I would have been one lost puppy as for as the job went.


We arrived in Thailand in Feb 67 to relieve the navy of the supply mission for Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. We also maintained stock to equip one infantry brigade in humidity controlled warehouses.  Vehicles were in long lines with a cable passing thru them all and locks at each end. A very busy year as we were flying out of 6 bases over N-VM and The trail. We worked 2 – 10 hour shifts that year. The Tet offensive was in Jan 68. I left in Feb. We were under the 9th Log Command and are authorized to wear that patch on the right shoulder.

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 I was going thru my personnel file from 1967 and came across special orders appointing the promotion Board for the 501st field Depot Commanded by Col Dayton. HHC of the 501st arrived at Camp Friendship in Mar 1967.


Upon arrival the following units were placed under the command of the 501st.

They were:

  • The Headquarters and Headquarters Company 1sgt was ??,
  • The 590th Supply and Service Co 1sgt was E8 Pierce,
  • The 558th Supply Co - Capt Stauch,
  • The 511th Gen Supply Co - Capt McGrath,
  • The 558th Sup Co - 1st Lt Wahus and
  • The 331st Supply Co - Lt Popovich.


These individuals made up the promotion Board for promotion to E5 and E6. Also on the board was myself (The CSM), along with two field grade officers from HHC 501st.

The UIC number for the 501st on these orders was 281A03.

Wigs (Glenn Wiggins)


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